Description Edit

Alchemy is the magical science of harnessing unusual materials to produce desired effects.

Prerequisites Edit

Perks Edit

  • Caustic Cocktail (Brew)
    • Once per day, you may whip up a batch of potent acid.
    • It deals acid damage, and splashes if thrown.
  • Identify Properties
    • You may make an Alchemy skill roll (1d10 + ranks in Alchemy) to identify the properties of a brew, ingredient, or magic item.
  • Taste Test
    • By imbibing a small amount of a magical edible (brew, ingredient, potion, etc.), you are able to identify the properties and effects of it.
    • There is a 25% chance that the properties of the edible trigger and affect you.
  • Telepath's Tonic (Brew)
    • Once per day, you may whip up a batch of tonic that when imbibed, gives your the ability to read surface thoughts and to send thoughts to others for one hour.
  • Volatile Concoction
    • You may sacrifice a brew to be used as a bomb that deals fire damage.
    • It takes one round to prepare the bomb.

Unlocks Edit

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