Description Edit

Dark Magic is the manipulation of magic using dark energies, like death, demons, and cursed objects. Dark Magic is the basis for pursuing ever more powerful taboos and wicked powers.

Prerequisites Edit

Perks Edit

  • Conjure Darkness (Spell)
    • You can shoot a writhing sphere of shadow that deals dark damage.
    • At Journeyman Dark Magic, the spell deals +2 damage.
    • At Master Dark Magic, the spell adds a fear debuff, causing the target to flee in terror.
  • Derangement (Spell)
    • Once per battle, you may make a special magic attack that upon successfully hitting sends the target into a blind rage.
    • The target will attack whatever creature is closest to it, with no regard for personal safety or previous alliance.
  • Forbidden Knowledge
    • +2 Magic Attack and +2 Magic Defense
    • At Expert Dark Magic, this bonus increases to +3.
  • Heinous Perversion
    • You may convert the damage type of a spell to dark, but the spell does -2 damage.
    • At Journeyman Dark Magic, this penalty is reduced to -1.
  • Summon Aberration (Spell)
    • Once per battle, you may summon a small shadow beast that does your bidding with no regard for personal safety.
    • The creature vanishes at the end of the encounter
    • The creature has the following abilities:
      • Melee A/D is (1 + 0.5r)/(1 + 0.5r)
      • Ranged A/D is (0.5 + 0.5r)/(0 + 0.5r)
      • Magic A/D is (0 + r)/(0 + r)
      • Health is (2 + 0.5r)

Unlocks Edit


  • None.


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