Description Edit

Herbalism is the art of cultivating, harvesting, and location of magical and mundane plants. Many of these plants have useful properties for healing and alchemy.

Prerequisites Edit


Perks Edit

  • Green Thumb
    • You receive a +2 bonus on all Herbalism rolls to grow an herb or plant.
  • Harvest Seeds
    • You may harvest the seeds, shoots, or leaves necessary to grow the herb or plant being harvested from.
    • This does not guarantee that the Herbalist will be able to grow the plant successfully, merely that they will have the opportunity to try.
    • A plant may only be harvested from once per season.
  • Herbal Antidote
    • You may craft a make-shift antidote from local herbs and plants once per day. The antidote relieves a non-magical debuff of the Herbalist's choice for the creature that imbibes it.
  • Herbal Remedy
    • You may craft a make-shift healing salve from local herbs and plants once per day. The salve heals the creature that imbibes it for an amount of health equal to your ranks in Herbalism.
  • Identify Herb
    • You may make an Herbalism roll (1d10 + ranks in Herbalism) to identify the properties of an herb or plant.
    • The difficulty of the roll depends on the rarity of the plant, and the knowledge of the Herbalist. Plants that have already been identified do not need to be checked again, the Herbalist retains knowledge of them.

Unlocks Edit


  • None.


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