Description Edit

The Holy skill is the basic channeling of divine energy, and is the basis for all manipulation of divine forces.

Prerequisites Edit


Perks Edit

  • Divine Vitality
    • You gain +2 Health
    • At Expert Holy, this bonus is increased to +3.
  • Guidance from Above
    • Once per battle, you may add your ranks in Holy to a melee, ranged, or magic attack.
  • Prayer of Hope
    • Once per battle, you may heal a target within arm's reach for an amount of health equal to your ranks in Holy.
  • Purification
    • Once per battle, you may remove a debuff from a target within arm's reach.
  • Spiritual Armor
    • You gain +2 Melee Defense.
    • At Journeyman Holy, you gain +1 Ranged Defense.

Unlocks Edit


  • None.


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