Description Edit

Marksmanship is the proficiency with ranged weapons, and forms the basis for expertise in a large variety of ranged weapons and techniques.

Prerequisites Edit


Perks Edit

  • Dead Eye
    • Once per battle, you may automatically hit an enemy with a ranged attack.
  • Deadly Aim
    • You may sacrifice a turn to focus an attack on an opponent. The next turn when the attack triggers, you add your ranks in Marksmanship to your Ranged Attack.
  • Endless Quiver
    • At the completion of the battle, you gain back a quarter of the ammunition you expended during the battle.
  • Multi-shot
    • Once per battle, you may make an additional ranged attack during your turn equal to half the ranks you have in Marksmanship rounded up.
  • Stagger Shot
    • Once per battle, you may make a special ranged attack that causes the target to lose their next turn upon a successful hit.

Unlocks Edit



  • None.

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