Description Edit

Martial is the use of the traditional tools of war - melee weapons. Martial is the foundation of the many techniques and weapons that melee fighters employ.

Prerequisites Edit


Perks Edit

  • Charge
    • If before making a melee attack, you move at least 30 feet in a straight line, your attack does +1 damage.
    • At Journeyman Martial, this bonus increases to +2.
  • Combat Training
    • +1 Melee Attack and +1 Melee Defense
    • At Expert Martial, this bonus increases to +2.
  • Counter Attack
    • Upon a failed melee attack against you, you may retaliate against the target by making a free melee attack against them.
    • You may only use this ability once between turns.
    • Using this ability lowers your Melee Defense by 2 until your next turn.
  • Powerful Strike
    • Once per battle, you may sacrifice your turn to focus an attack on a target.
    • On the next turn, when the attack triggers, you add your ranks in Martial to your Melee Attack for that turn.
  • Sunder
    • Once per battle, you may perform a special melee attack that reduces the target's Melee Defense by 2 in addition to dealing damage.

Unlocks Edit


  • None.


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