Description Edit

Phylactery is the unique skill of the Lich. Phylactery is mastery over the powerful magic item that anchors the Lich to the world, and its connection to the underworld.

Prerequisites Edit

  • Unique Skill.
  • You must currently have the Lich class to gain ranks in Phylactery.

Perks Edit

  • Command the Undying
    • You gain the ability to control 5 additional undead.
    • At Journeyman Phylactery, this bonus increases to 10.
    • At Master Phylactery, this bonus increases to 20.
  • Eternal Servitude
    • Once per day, you may reanimate a number of slain undead equal to your ranks in Phylactery.
  • Knowledge from the Other Side
    • +2 Magic Attack and +2 Magic Defense
    • At Expert Phylactery, this bonus increases to +3.
  • Taint of Undeath
    • Your transformation to the living dead is complete, and undead consider you one of their own.
    • Nonsentient undead will never attack you unless you trigger an already existing command or you antagonize them.
    • Sentient undead are more friendly with you, but this does not guarantee their cooperation.
  • Unholy Majesty
    • You project an aura of fear and tyranny over the minds of lesser creatures.
    • Creatures that are significantly weaker than you find it difficult to defy or contest you, and will almost never attack you.

Unlocks Edit

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