Description Edit

Rangers are hunters and wardens that combine their knowledge of the natural world, keen instincts, and predator-like precision to protect and dominate nature. They are all but unchallenged in their domain, raining death from afar on those that would bring ill will to their protected wilderness.

Prerequisites Edit

Attributes Edit

  • +4 Ranged Attack
  • +3 Ranged Defense
  • +2 Health

Perk Edit

  • Wild Heart (Spell)
    • Once per day, you may summon a non-magical animal native to the region you are in to aid you.
    • It will aid you in whatever manner it is capable of, and it will depart when it has completed the objective.
    • The animal will not take on excessive risk or detriment to aid you, but will otherwise approach its charge with bravery and dedication.

Unique Skill Edit

Wild Watch

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