Description Edit

Sorcery is the manipulation of magical energies to alter reality. Sorcery is the fundamental level from which most magic springs forth, and is necessary for mastery of higher arts.

Prerequisites Edit


Perks Edit

  • Arcane Bolt (Spell)
    • You can send a bolt of psionic energy from your fingertip that deals psionic damage.
    • At Journeyman Sorcery, you may send an additional bolt at the target.
    • At Master Sorcery, you may send two additional bolts, and they may have separate targets.
  • Arcane Dedication
    • Once per battle, you may use a once per battle magical ability a second time
  • Counter Spell (Spell)
    • Once per battle, you may sacrifice a once-per-battle spell to cancel a spell ability being used by an opponent, by successfully hitting them with a magic attack (no damage is applied).
  • Levitate Object (Spell)
    • You channel your mental energies to lift objects and move them. You can lift 10 pounds for every rank in Sorcery, and you can move the object 10 feet per round for every rank in Sorcery.
  • Spell Coupling
    • You may combine two spells that you cast into a single spell that has all of the same effects as both spells.

Unlocks Edit


  • None.


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