Description Edit

Survival is the knowledge of nature, and how to live off of it.

Prerequisites Edit

  • None.

Perks Edit

  • Land Stride
    • The penalty for moving through difficult terrain is reduced by 50%.
    • At Expert Survival, this bonus is extended to your party.
  • Knowledge of Nature
    • You have a deep knowledge of the natural world, and the beasts and plants that inhabit it.
  • Nature's Bounty
    • You can locate enough food in your surroundings to sustain yourself.
    • You can sustain one other person (or creature of equivalent size) for every rank in Survival you have.
  • Sense of Direction
    • You can, with relative ease, discern the cardinal directions.
    • This ability hinges on natural cues (such as the sun, for example), so in the absence of those cues is ineffective.
  • Stalk Prey
    • You may make a Survival skill roll (1d10 + ranks in Survival) to locate and follow the tracks of a creature.

Unlocks Edit



  • None.

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