Description Edit

Wild Watch is the unique skill of the Ranger. Wild Watch is the adoption of the best qualities of noble creatures to assist in the protection of the wilderness.

Prerequisites Edit

  • Unique Skill.
  • You must currently have the Ranger class to gain ranks in Wild Watch.

Perks Edit

  • Bear's Endurance
    • +2 Health and +2 Melee Defense
  • Boar's Tenacity (Spell)
    • Once per battle, you may remove a status effect from yourself until the end of the encounter.
    • If the status effect would still be in effect by this time, you regain it.
    • If the status effect would not still be in effect by this time, it dissipates completely.
  • Deer's Agility
    • If you make a full move action, you receive +1 Melee Defense and +1 Ranged Defense until the beginning of your next turn.
  • Hawk's Vision
    • Once per battle, you may add your ranks in Wild Watch to a ranged attack.
  • Wolf's Instinct
    • You receive a +2 bonus on Survival skill rolls.

Unlocks Edit

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